The Process Of Asbestos Removal In London

It is hard to imagine that asbestos, the leading cause of mesothelioma cancer, was once used in virtually all types of construction. This includes both residential construction as well as in commercial buildings. Today, when these buildings are scheduled for demolition, repairs or renovations, they must first go through asbestos removal in London.

It is important to realize that asbestos itself, if it is contained in walls or building material, does not pose a hazard in most cases. This is because it is only a health risk when it is in small particles in the air that are inhaled into the human body with the air. As long as the material is not disturbed through any type of drilling, cutting or removal, there is minimal concern.

The Main Safety Issues

The problem occurs when people want to upgrade a home or complete renovations and repairs and have to drill into walls, remove old building materials or change the floors or ceilings. These materials can all contain asbestos that then releases small particles into the air. These particles can travel some distance in the dust from construction and can even pose a hazard for disposal.

Professional companies offering asbestos removal in London follow very strict regulations as to the testing for and removal of asbestos. In most cases when there is asbestos found the area is sealed off using temporary enclosures to prevent the possibility of contaminating nearby areas.

Whole Buildings

For major renovations, repairs or upgrades to a building the entire building may have to be sealed off using specialised tape, clear film and negative air pressure to prevent the particles from escaping. This type of asbestos removal in London requires professionals that are trained in the safe handling of the material for their own safety and the safety of others.

Often asbestos removal in London is completed using a Class H vacuum, which can literally draw the very tiny asbestos particles into the vacuum and contain them for disposal. You cannot use a traditional vacuum for asbestos removal in London, even one with a HEPA filter, as the particles are small enough to simply pass through the system and further contaminate the air.

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