The Need for Surgery for Colonoscopy Polyps in Dallas, TX

Facing surgery for polyps can be an intimidating proposition, but with the right care and assistance, it can be done. If you have been told you have a stomach, rectal, or colon polyps you are likely searching for a doctor who specializes in colonoscopy polyps in Dallas, TX. However, it is important to know why polyps are a big deal and why they cannot be overlooked or ignored.

Cancer and Polyps

Colorectal cancer is known by much of the medical community as silent cancer. It grows silently in the body and then starts affecting the digestive tract, stomach, and other areas when cancer spreads and grows. These types of cancers do not produce any type of symptoms until they get rather large and start impacting areas of the body. Most polyps are non-cancerous but there are some that are more likely to be cancer, and larger polyps are associated with a higher chance of cancer development.

Types of Polyps

Two types of polyps found in the rectum or colon and are commonly treated by doctors with experience in colonoscopy polys in Dallas, TX is:

  • Hyperplastic and inflammatory polyps:
    These types of polyps usually are noncancerous and cause problems more from growing and pushing into other organs rather than from cancerous damage.
  • Adenomas or adenomatous polyps:
    These polyps are more likely to be cancer or develop into cancer if left unaddressed and can be affected by other illnesses and health conditions.

To learn more about doctor supervised care for colonoscopy polys in Dallas; TX contact Viral Patel today.

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