The Necessary Qualities Of An Online College Algebra Tutor

by | Jun 20, 2012 | Career and Education

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When a college algebra student approaches an online math tutor for help, it is often because the student has already felt some frustration with the subject. Because of this it is important that a college algebra tutorial meets certain standards and can provide the answers that the student is seeking in a non-judgmental and nurturing format. Finding an online tutor who will provide that type of atmosphere will be pivotal in the continued success of the math student.

Many additional qualities should be looked for in an online math tutor. The college algebra tutorial will be enhanced when the math tutor has an educational background in and mastery of the algebraic concepts being taught. Teaching math is about much more than just the mathematical concepts however; an understanding of how to present information clearly is crucial. Many teachers spend a lot of time learning alternative approaches to explaining information in an effort to reach students who are struggling with the original presentation of the information. Tutors should also be constantly involved in ongoing educational opportunities in order to reach the specific needs of their students.

Once a college algebra tutorial has been presented online, the online tutor has just begun their work. The online math tutor must be available to provide further instructions and clarifications, to answer questions and to give specific feedback to the struggling student. The constant availability and a lower student to teacher ratio are some of the main reasons that the college algebra student has come to an online algebra tutorial.

While the need for an understanding of college algebra may not be immediately recognized, a familiarity with mathematical concepts and the ability to problem solve are commonly acknowledged as valuable qualities in employees in many fields. These qualities are developed throughout the years of algebra instruction. The provider of an online algebra tutorial must also recognize the importance of algebra, not just for the algebraic concepts themselves, but for the intricate relationship that mathematical understanding has with success later in life.

Another important area to focus on when looking for an online math tutor is how understanding of the algebraic concepts is being monitored. The teacher behind the college algebra tutorial must always be aware of the student’s comprehension and retention of the material being presented. This is more important for the math tutor than it is for the classroom instructor.

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