The Low-down On Up-town Web Inspection Systems

Have you done considerable research and haven’t found the web inspection tools just right for you? Eureka! You have found them now.

PC Industries is a leading manufacturer of vision inspection systems. When a company can say this about itself, there must be good reasons; reasons that guarantee the quality, capability and efficiency that people search for in print inspection systems.

The products that PC Industries is well-known for work so well and so quickly many inspections are set up in seconds and with only a few clicks. Following is a sampling of some of the Web Inspection Systems that provide thorough, accurate, and powerful inspection.

The Guardian OLP-Off-Line Proofing System completes accurate comparison of master files to other files or print samples. It corrects automatically for skew, distortion, and size differences. Add the OLP’s flexibility, power, efficiency and security, then count yourself among many who choose to use it.

Several variations of the Graphic-Vision® Series Digital Web Viewers are available. The GV510-Digital Web Viewer with Manual Traverse is a basic and economical tool which captures images from a moving web and displays them for the operator on a high-resolution monitor.

In this century, PCI has made many advances in inspection technology. Count digital web viewers, high-speed 100% print inspection systems and automatic PDF proofreading systems among those advances. PC Industries systems reduce down-time, decrease waste and liability, and provide peace of mind that quality product is being shipped. All of this makes PCI’s inspection systems the perfect choice for anyone concerned with quality.

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