The Law Offices Of Diane M. Sternlieb Will Protect You

If you have recently gone through a divorce and now you are having a hard time collecting child support, it may be time to consider other alternatives. After all, it can be a little discouraging fighting with your former spouse trying to convince them to pay up. Obviously, they aren’t going to want to give you any money because they probably don’t have a lot either. However, this isn’t something that you should be concerned with. If the judge awarded you a monthly child support check, it is up to them to pay up. Rather than dealing with something so stressful on your own, set up an appointment with The Law Offices Of Diane M. Sternlieb. They will invite you into their office sent help you to understand more about the process of filing a lawsuit to collect your child support.

Your Child Support Attorney in Paulding County will carefully look over your case and let you know right away how they will be able to help you. You can count on the fact that your attorney is going to work hard to get you the money that you deserve. Maybe collecting child support isn’t a problem. Maybe the amount of money that you are receiving each month doesn’t seem to be enough. If this is the case, you can always get in touch with an attorney and find out whether or not you can qualify for more child support. Usually, it will go off of your income as well as your former spouses income.

Never try to take your ex to court on your own. They are going to work hard to make your life miserable. This is a very confusing process and you probably don’t have any idea how to get started with it. You need someone who is going to work hard to stand up for you and your children. This way, you can start collecting your child support benefits as soon as possible. Your attorney is going to do his part to make life easier for you and your children. This is their money and it is up to you to collect. Contact The Law Offices Of Diane M. Sternlieb to help you to get started.

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