The Important Job of Landscaping Contractors in Clearwater

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

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Clearwater’s beauty and sea breezes contribute to the easygoing and relaxed atmosphere of one of Florida’s greatest vacation destinations. Properties reflect a certain seaside sophistication and splendor. What people don’t often know is that putting together all of the details in the landscaping and special features that frame each residence or business only looks easy. Good landscaping is anything but simple. It takes careful consideration and should be carried out with the help, guidance and expertise of landscaping contractors such as landscape designers and landscape architects.

Landscaping contractors are ideally trained in the extensive knowledge of horticulture, the growth patterns and needs of plants appropriate for Clearwater. On-the-job experience helps landscaping contractors to provide concepts and plans involving the best types of plants and materials that will suit the property, be it residential or commercial. A great landscape designer is in tune with various genres and styles that are congruous with the climate and current plants, as well as trends that will contribute to the success of a building’s surrounding scenery. Landscaping contractors will work closely with owners to ensure that the look is what the owner is expecting.

Landscape architects will have obtained the necessary degree from an official school, and are certified specifically in the state where they are authorized to work, as every state has different rules and regulations. The emphasis for landscape architects in Clearwater and elsewhere is not so much on horticulture, but site inspection and survey, and a focus on construction methods and procedures. They will often provide construction-ready blueprints and detailed paper work for landscaping contractors.

Landscaping contractors in Clearwater are the workhorses of building and installing the combined approved plans of the client and designers and architects. Landscape contractors put plan into action by providing the materials needed for building and planting, and they have the knowledge and expertise needed to do it right. They understand the special benefits and challenges of Clearwater’s soil, climate and conditions. After installing and building from the plans, landscaping contractors are responsible for the maintenance and overseeing of the property when the project is finished.

A great landscaping contractor can make changes to the setting that are cosmetic, but also practical, in ways that save energy, reduce noise, fight pollution and combat soil damage and erosion. Your Clearwater property’s value can go up by two hundred percent with great landscaping, as the right surroundings help make the place. Expertly placed indigenous trees and foliage can reduce air conditioning costs by fifty percent, and that’s “shady business” that’s actually good for Clearwater’s environment and community!

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