The Importance of Your Brakes

We all know that without decent brakes our cars would fail to stop exactly when we need them to. A brand new car will have sharp brakes that barely need touching to engage them and we come to a steady stop without having to put any pressure on the pedal. As the car begins to age the brakes wear in and eventually wear down.

We can often tell the signs of wearing brakes because they will start to feel very soft. When we depress the brake pedal the pressure needed increases to the point where we are almost pressing against the floor of the car and this is a bad sign. Further signs of obvious wear is the sound of grinding metal as the pads dissipate altogether and simply grind against the metal of the rotors. When this happens you repair bill will probably triple because the rotors can become warped and worn down. As the bare metal of the worn down pads start to grind into the rotors they leave a groove which destroys the disc and that will need replacing too.

Paying Attention

It is vital that you pay close attention to the behavior of your brakes every time you drive your car. A good brake pad should last you approximately ten to fifteen thousand miles, so keep a close eye on your mileage as well as feeling and listening to how they act.

Most modern vehicles have a brake warning light that will come on if the brakes get to a certain low thickness level on the pads. Each brake pad has a sensor that jumps into action when the brakes reach the sensor point. If you brake light comes on, it’s time to get them checked. Even if they don’t need replacing—and the chances are they will at that point—it could be a fault with the sensor.

The fluid in your brake reservoir could also be low, which could be caused by a brake fluid leak or dirty brake fluid. Good brakes Fargo ND are vital during the winter months as well as the summer months. The amount of snow that can fall in North Dakota can be overwhelming and this can produce some seriously icy conditions on the roads. When your brakes are worn down or close to wearing down they can pose serious dangers to you, your passengers and any other driver on the road. Therefore, keeping your brakes serviced and in tip-top condition is paramount. Certified Auto Repair offers a complete brake check-up and will tell you exactly what your vehicle needs if there is a problem with them and you will receive a quote for the work from a friendly professional expert.


For a professional service to your brakes in Fargo ND click or call Certified Auto Repair for a price quote and list of services available.

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