The Importance of Vineyard Trellis Systems and Their Types

If you are thinking of buying or have already purchased grape vines, then you should also consider vineyard trellis systems. Grapevines must be trained to grow where they should, which makes them very decorative. However, it will also keep the air moving through the leaves and keep them healthy and free of disease. There are different types available, and the type that will work well for you depends on the physical location, spacing, soil and number of vines you have.

Fence Trellis

The fence trellis can be helpful for smaller gardens, because the vines can wrap around the rail and even between the posts, keeping the vine contained. These trellises can be made of vinyl, metal or wood, but the spacing within the trellis must be wide enough so that all parts of the vine and fruit have access to sunlight. Pruning is usually easy with these trellises.

Four-Cane System

The four-cane system has a heavy wooden post set into the ground and braced. Then two heavy wires are stretched between the posts parallel to each other and the ground. The grapevines then spread around the wire.

Cordon Trellises System

These systems have differently-spaced levels. The posts are set in the land with the wires stretched between the posts. It is similar to the four-cane system mentioned above because the younger vines are trained to grow upwards. Then, as the vines age, there is more space provided for foliage. The cordon part is like a curtain and will spread the vines.

Importance of these Systems

Grapevines have to be trained to grow up towards the sky. This is the only way that grapes and their vines can get sunlight and grow correctly. The vines themselves must also develop properly during their first few seasons. The trellis system at harvestexpress allows the vines to become straight and strong, providing healthy roots. When they start growing, the system will train it to go toward the sunlight.

If you do not have a spreading system, such as the Cordon system, you will also need to remove weak shoots, if the vines grow too quickly. If you don’t, the vines won’t get the proper amount of sunlight and will start to deteriorate, which could cause other problems.

During the training, you will also want to tie a string around new vines that happen to grow so that the vine stays close to the training system. This will help the vine learn to grow properly.

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