The Importance of Talking with Dental Implant Experts

Once the era of natural teeth is a thing of the past, there is the need to decide what sort of replacement is the best option.  In decades past, opting for denture plates was the only viable solution.  Today, there is the possibility of investing in implants.  Before making a final decision, it pays to talk with one of the Dental Implant Experts around town and find out what this solution has to offer.

Understanding the Basics of Implants

As the Dental Implant Experts will explain, implants are designed to literally fill in the space that is left empty by the loss of a tooth.  The body of each implant is inserted into the jaw, creating a more or less permanent solution.  The portion of the implant protruding above the gum line is covered with a cap formulated to look just like a real tooth.  When the work is finished, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between an implant and a natural tooth.

What to Expect During the Process

In most cases, the installation of implants occurs in stages.  The first has to do with embedding the implants and then allowing time for the surrounding tissues to heal.  In the interim, the caps are manufactured.  Once the healing is complete, it is a simple matter to return for the attachment of the caps.  While this approach is a little more involved than getting a set of dentures, the benefits that come with implants make them worth the time and effort.

After the Implants are in Place

One the implants are in place the patient will find that only a few adjustments to the daily routine are required.  It is still possible to brush the implants after meals, using a brush that is recommended by the dental professional.  The patient can still use mouthwash to freshen the breath, and will want to avoid habits like chewing on crushed ice or attempting to crack nut shells using the implants. By and large, the patient will be able to eat anything desired.

For more information on dental implants, talk with the team at Plainview Oral And Maxillofacial Associates P.C. today.  After determining if the patient is a good candidate, it will be easy to outline the process and help the client know what to expect once the work is completed.

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