The Importance of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney for a Slip and Fall Case

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Lawyers

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Most people are familiar with personal injuries happening due to an accidental slip and fall. When a slip and fall happens in a store or other public place, the corporation is often responsible for any damages that result from the fall. It’s important that if you slip and fall in a store or other public place in St. Louis that you contact a firm that specializes in personal injury law in St. Louis.

When you take a tumble in a store, the management is usually quick to try to appease you. They might have you fill out an accident report and try to assess if you’re in any pain. In some cases, they’ll offer you free items or give you a gift card to try to make things better. It’s never a good idea to walk out saying you’re fine and nothing’s wrong, because the pain from a fall may not be felt right away.

A St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer Will Help You Build a Case

If you end up seriously injured from the slip and fall, you will need an attorney who understands all aspects of personal injury law. St. Louis has a number of firms with qualified attorneys who can help you build a case. These attorneys have experience battling large corporations and understand everything you need to help you prove that your injuries are a result of the store’s negligence. Personal injury lawyers will work to gather evidence, including eyewitness accounts and store security video, speak with store management, and work with your doctor to determine the extent of your injuries.

A Lawyer Can Determine Future Expenses, Too

Many people often overlook the cost of future expenses due to an injury caused by negligence. They only see what they currently owe, and hope that an attorney can get them a settlement that will cover their current medical bills. However, the extent of your injuries could mean that you will need therapy, rehabilitation, or other future medical treatments. An experienced lawyer in personal injury law in St. Louis will know how to calculate estimated future expenses for your geographical area and include that as part of the settlement agreement.

St. Louis experienced lawyer in personal injury case know how to calculate estimated future expenses.

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