The Importance Of Having A Handgun Carry Permit In MN

There are some instances where a person can legally have a firearm and not be required to have a handgun carry permit in MN. It is important for any handgun owner to understand the limitations of these specific situations to avoid inadvertently finding themselves in violation of the law.

When You Don’t Need a Permit

You are not required to have a handgun carry permit in MN if the handgun is in your own home, in your place of business, or on any land, even undeveloped land, that you own. You are also allowed to take your handgun between those locations, that is between your home and business or to get the handgun repaired, without a permit. However, if the handgun is in your vehicle and you do not have a handgun carry permit in MN the gun has to be fully unloaded and kept secured in a closed and fastened case or in a package that is securely closed.

You can also carry and use a firearm without a handgun carry permit in MN for target practice or hunting on your own land or “in the woods or fields or upon the waters of this state” and in a safe area.

When You Do Need a Permit

Other than the very few exceptions noted above you are required to have a valid handgun carry permit in MN for all other use. This means any transportation of a loaded weapon or a weapon not secured in a case or package to and from any location.

For any handguns that are carried in your vehicle but not in a case or package, any loaded handguns in a vehicle, any carried on your person either openly or concealed, or carried in any public location you are required by law to have a concealed carry permit.

The most important reason for all gun owners to have a handgun carry permit in MN is really to allow them to legally use their handguns for personal protection or protection of property anywhere in the state. By completing the course, which provides you with a valid permit for 5 years, you don’t have to worry about legal issues with where and how you can transport and carry your handgun.

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