The Importance of Eye Protection

Most people have gotten bad sunburn at least once in their lives. Did you know that your eyes can get a sun burn? Yes, they can and it can cause long term damage to your eyes and your vision. It is very important to cover your eyes with the proper sunglasses in Staten Island. There are many stylish options for your eye protection and there is really no excuse for not caring for your eyes.

Your eyes are delicate. You wouldn’t open your eyes when you are directly in front of a heater or super bright light yet on a daily basis people go outside on a sunny day without any eye protection. The sun has damaging UV rays that can destroy your eyes with prolonged exposure. Just as the sun can cause skin cancer to those who spend too much time in it, the sun can damage your eyes. You have so many options for sunglasses in Staten Island that you can find a fun pair that can be a stylish accessory as well as protecting your eyes. If the sunglasses you buy are not the right kind, they can offer no protection and give you a false sense of coverage. Be sure that the pair you choose have the strongest level of protection. Even with those on, you should avoid the sun in the middle of the day and never look directly into the sun as this will cause damage even with sunglasses over your eyes.

Sunglasses in Staten Island can be made to fit your prescription so even if you need to wear glasses for your vision, you can also have a pair of sunglasses that allow you to see clearly. These sunglasses can be stylish and look great so you are eager to wear them. You want to choose a pair that you like so you are sure to wear them and not have them gather dust in your car or on your dresser. The important thing is to cover your eyes from the sun and even the wind on a blustery day. The next best thing to a pair of great sunglasses is to wear a hat with a brim covering your eyes. This little bit of shade can help block some of the sun to your eyes and keep you from squinting in the bright sun
Sunglasses in Staten Island are a vital part of proper eye health. When you are outside, be sure to always have a great pair of Sunglasses in Staten Island with you so you are proud to wear them and at the same time you will be protecting your eyes.