The Importance of Dental Hygiene

It cannot be understated that any dentist will require that your mouth be in the best health possible before they can begin any course of treatment. A Findlay OH dentist may require a period of intense dental hygiene to be undertaken by an individual before there treatment can commence. In many cases this means adhering to the basics, such as regular brushing and flossing after meals. In addition you can expect advice on how to maintain the standard of hygiene required for the treatment in question (whatever this may entail) and for longer term oral health care. In short, you will not be able to undertake the necessary treatment until the dentist is satisfied and that your teeth and gums are able to withstand it. A good start is to curtail as much as possible the most common dental problems.

The common dental problems:

Dental Plaque: The creamy colored deposit that forms on the surface of the teeth and is the result of bacteria using the food particles left in the mouth as a food source. Plaque is home to many species of bacteria and they can be removed by regular brushing and flossing.

Tartar: The deposit that forms if plaque is not removed, it is hardened plaque which sticks like a strong glue to the surface of the tooth and can only be removed by specialist instruments. This is one of the reasons why dentists recommend regular appointments.

Tooth Decay / dental Caries: The direct consequence of plaque buildup and are tiny holes which form on the surface of the tooth. For example, carbohydrate is metabolized by certain species of bacteria and the result is acids which can attack the enamel, facilitating secondary infection of the tooth. In addition the plaque traps the acids next to the teeth accelerating the rate of decay. The end result can be fillings or root canal work as well as crowns or inlays.

Gum Disease: There are two basic types’ gingivitis and periodontitis. The former is where the gums become inflamed and or infected, the latter where the tissue (periodontal membrane) which joins the gum to the teeth is attacked and destroyed. It is not surprising that gum disease is the single biggest cause of teeth loss in adults and of halitosis.

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