The Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner And Other Types

Vacuums are found in every home in the United States. They may be part of a central vac system or be a single portable unit. While shop vacs are common in many shops and on factory floors, more recently, industrial vacuums have become part of the basic tools for maintenance. As is the case with all vacuums, not all industrial ones are the same. They come in many types. Below is a guide on the different types some classified under the category of the heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner.

Types of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

While the same principle governs the operation of all vacuums including industrial ones, remains the same, the development of technology over the years has improved the ability of these machines to handle specific tasks. They are now capable of handling diverse applications. The different types of industrial vacuums include the following:

  • Wet and Dry: This vacuum can clean up both wet and dry material. It accomplishes this easily with a change of the filter and often the container that contains the waste product
  • Continuous Duty: This type is truly a heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner. It has to be tough to be able to withstand operating 24/7. It will clean up fine powder as well as steel shot. In fact, the sucking power of this machine could let it pick up a bowling ball with ease
  • Combustible Dust or Explosion Proof Vacuums: Vacuums of this nature are grounded. They are designed and constructed both inside and out to pick up and dispose of combustible particles and particulates without setting off an explosion
  • Stationary Vacuums: These are the opposite of portable units. They are integrated into a particular workstation. They operate within this space to allow for the operator of the machinery to utilize the vacuum for quick cleaning purposes. The waste material is rapidly sucked up and quickly dropped into or onto a conveyor or other device. It will then carry the material away for disposal. All this happens without necessitating the operator leave his or her workspace.

These are but a few of the many types of vacuum cleaners available for industrial uses. It is possible to find vacuums suitable for many different applications. They can suck up combustible particles as well as metalwork, chips and various debris from other industrials work.

The Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning up waste in the industrial sector, workplace spills and combustible material ensure the jobs require more than the average vacuum cleaner. They demand something that can address concerns specific to the various applications and the conditions they offer. Fortunately, technology has arrived at the best solution. This is the invention of various industrial vacuums, including the heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaner.

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