The Health Benefits of Green Oolong Tea

Tea is an amazing and health giving substance, there are so many real health benefits associated with it that it is often an overlooked wonder food! There are many different types and subtypes of tea and all are basically good for you. However when milk gets added to the mix, the health benefits tend to be negated therefore plain tea is always best.

We are more aware than ever of the need to look after our bodies and to stay as healthy as possible. Organic food, supplements and so on are big business and this could possibly be why tea drinking has become so popular again nowadays. Every coffee shop you go into will have a range of teas for sale and this can only be a good thing. As society gets healthier and perceptions change, we as a nation become better informed. Will this mark the end of the junk food society that we have become? Probably not but at least it is a big step in the right direction.

Researchers and scientists have undertaken many and varied studies on the possible health benefits of drinking green oolong teas such as TieGuanYin. TieGuanYin is a gorgeous and delicate tea with a floral aroma. This is a wonderful tea for those who are not yet familiar with oolong as it is extremely smooth and palatable. There are also fruity flavors in this tea which allow the taste to linger even after you have finished drinking!

Anti cancer properties

One of the most hearteningly positive aspects of green oolong tea is that it is known to protect the body against some types of cancer. Cancer is a terribly cruel disease and anything which can afford us a degree of protection against it must not be ignored. A healthy lifestyle with plenty of nutritious fruit and vegetables along with good hydration is very important in terms of fighting and also steering clear of disease. Add this to some exercise and a few little cups of tea a day and you can feel relaxed and happy that you are doing all you can to protect your body from damage.

In fact eating fresh foods, herbs and spices is a great way in which to look after your health from the inside out and there are many foods which protect against a whole host of illnesses. The thing with green oolong tea is that it is jam packed with antioxidants called polyphenols. These polyphenols area particularly recognized for cutting an individuals risk of contracting gastric, skin and esophageal cancers. Also in women, the risk of contracting ovarian cancer is lowered significantly. All from a little tea leaf!

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