The Elements Of T Shirt Design

This word can refer to a work of art, a building or an engineering or construction project. But, the truth is that a “design” is considered a plan or blueprint. It is meant to establish a basis upon which the final product is constructed or created. It is the preliminary to the real object, yet it can also refer to the specific creation. It is a model or preliminary sketch for anything, from a bridge to a T shirt. Surely, design is a word used often without consideration for what it actually is or means.

Still, even in T shirt design, the term indicates more than aesthetics. It is not simply planning or the roughly hewed out result of an initial plan. It is about a process that embraces thought and application. As a result, it can be utilized in multiple applications from industrial to web and T shirt design.

The Elements of Design and T Shirt Design

In design, a work of art or any visual design/image is considered to consist of several elements. Each element is a component or part that can be isolated within the greater context. It can stand alone but also is integrated into the entire piece. T shirt design, to a large extent, conforms to traditional elements of design. While not all may be present, a T-shirt design has the capability to contain the following elements:

* Point – A good T shirt design has a focal point. It draws the eye into it and then lets it wander elsewhere. Of course, many T-shirt designs are all about making a point whether it’s an intellectual, casual, political, or nonsensical one.
* Line – T shirt design flows in a natural line. It can even simply be a series of lines. Like much of art, it is the choice of the T-shirt designer what lines are dominant, if any.
* Form, Shape, And Space – Any design is endowed with or consists of these basic elements. On a T-shirt canvas, the individual’s preference does naturally fall into these elemental categories.
* Movement – T shirt design adds a specific character to this element. People wear T shirts and, therefore, movement is part of the canvas. The image may or may not imply movement. It depends upon the characteristics of the selected message, logo, or image.
* Color – Color is a personal choice. The canvas or T shirt is one aspect; the chosen color scheme for the image, logo, or text is another.
* Pattern – Depending upon the choice of material, T shirt design can establish or consist of a specific pattern.
* Texture – The t-shirt (canvas) provides its own texture, but the image or pattern can convey its own. If embroidery is used, it can intensify the sense of texture through its ability to create a feeling of depth.

T Shirt Design

When you or someone else designs something, you are not likely to consider the elements of design. When putting together a log or throwing together an image for a T shirt design, these thoughts may not rise to or operate on a conscious level. Yet, they are there, creating something out of seemingly nothing and utilizing the right elements –at least they do if the T shirt design is to be a memorable one in all the right ways.

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