The Dramatic Changes From the First Printing Press to Lexmark Printers in Madison WI

Today’s printer market is dominated by four companies, and Lexmark is one of them. The printing press was invented in the middle of the 15th Century, and the device revolutionized the dissemination of information. That may have been the first time anyone could imagine that one day, centuries in the long-distant future, people might actually have printing equipment in their own homes and small businesses. Those consumers can buy products like Lexmark Printers in Madison WI, choosing from a variety of models when they decide on one that best fits their needs.

Even when typewriters became available to ordinary citizens, this was still a far cry from computer printers with all their advantages. People of a certain age well remember the inconveniences of trying to produce a perfect page of text and then inevitably making an error. Erasers, small bottles of white paint and tape that could lift up the print were never ideal for eliminating typos. For a long time, there was only font available for typing, although that eventually changed with the advent of the printing ball and daisy wheel. Contrast this with the kind of options available with Lexmark Printers in Madison WI. The person chooses the font and even the color while working in a word processing program or other software, and the printer produces it as specified. Dozens of fonts come with basic programs, although people tend to stick with some of the tried-and-true standards.

The younger generation may find it hard to appreciate the printing capabilities they have right in their own homes. For example, it’s no problem to generate multiple resumes with certain changes for various potential employers, then print all those documents and send them out in a matching envelope. The package is completely professional and error-free. Later in the day, this person might print a coupon or two to bring to a retailer; the images and colors are true to what appeared on the computer screen. In business and institutional settings, printers have become invaluable for producing large numbers of documents when digital copies aren’t enough. Get more information on these printers and their availability at a supplier like Rhyme, which sells an array of office equipment.

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