The Different Types Of Dentures In Panama City FL And How To Care For Them

Individuals who are missing several or all of their teeth will benefit from wearing dentures. These removable plates allow individuals to eat a variety of foods that they previously couldn’t chew with missing teeth. Dentists who offer Dentures in Panama City FL extract any remaining teeth and make jaw impressions before the dentures are made. Read the information below to learn about the different kinds of dentures and how to properly care for them.

Types Of Dentures

Patients who aren’t missing all of their teeth can choose to get partial dentures. The dentist makes a plate that replaces only the teeth that are gone. The plate connects to the remaining natural teeth with a metal attachment. Patients must have at least two teeth on both sides of the partial denture, so it stays secure in the mouth. Individuals who have all of their teeth missing will need to get full dentures.

The dentist will make plates that fit in both the upper and lower jaw to replace the missing teeth. Patients can choose to get conventional dentures or immediate dentures. If an individual chooses conventional dentures, the dentist extracts all the remaining teeth and then waits for the gums to heal before making the dentures. When an individual chooses immediate dentures, the plates are made in advance and placed into the patient’s mouth immediately after the teeth are extracted.

Denture Care

Individuals who have dentures must keep them clean by taking them out of the mouth and brushing them. Denture wearers can also place them into a container with a special denture cleanser and let them soak overnight. Taking the dentures out before going to bed allows the gums to rest for several hours, and this contributes to healthy gums. If the dentures make the gums sore when wearing them, the dentist who specializes in Dentures in Panama City FL can make minor adjustments to the denture plates, so they fit the patient more comfortable.

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