The Customization of Military Rings

What are customized Military Rings? In short, they are rings that are specifically made for the user and they have personal emblems, unit crests and divisional insignia engraved on its sides. This shows the viewer the pride of the soldier has or has had while serving in the military, either actively or retired. How can you customize a military ring? Click here for more information.

When looking at a ring, there are numerous areas that you can alter and these include the following:

The simulated stone or stones can be cut or set in a facet. The side cut are stones that are shaped much like diamonds with many facets that reflect light in different degrees. This can be a very elegant ring if it’s shown properly. Of course, you can choose a stone to match your birth month as well. The other popular option is the option is a stone that has special emblems inside, such as crossed infantry rifles or simply the American flag.

The wording, also known as the bezel, is another important part of the ring. Here the option to indicate whether you’re Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. However, you can customize this part of the ring with virtually everything you desire. You can keep it simple or go elaborate -; the choice is yours!
The sides, also known as the shanks, is where the emblems go. This reflects your brigade, division or unit. This usually carries a very special meaning. It is here you add a name and/or dates of service or deployment. For instance, if you were deployed to Afghanistan from 2004-2006, you’d put the Afghan Emblem “OAF 04-06”. Your name or unit can go on the other side.

The inside text is popular for most Military Rings because it gives the person the opportunity of additional etching, which is generally limited to a max of 18 characters, which includes spaces. This is the perfect place to a loved one’s name, or a fellow unit member’s name or callsign who may have died while serving. These are just a few reasons to own a military ring, but one of the biggest reasons is to show off your pride for serving. For more information visit J. Jenkins Sons Co. Inc. today.

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