The Construction Company: The Phases of Construction Management

Construction management is a compilation of techniques and procedures that date back to ancient times. A construction company can offer this specific service or choose to continue along a singular path. In many cases, construction companies choose to provide both types of services to their clients. As a result, in states such as Wisconsin and California, you can take advantage of choosing the best type of service for your project. In many instances, larger projects prefer the convenience and benefits of a construction company.

Construction Company Management

Instead of proceeding in a piecemeal manner, a construction management company (CMC) combines fragmented decisions and processes, fusing them together under a single controlling entity. In its fullest expression, this occurs throughout the entire project. From development to post-completion, a CMC in Wisconsin handles the following aspects:

1. Predesign or Pre-Construction Phase: The CMC assists the owner in deciding upon the scope and definition of the project as well as its financial constraints. Included in this early phase are such things as:
a. Constructability reviews – tests to determine whether the suggested design is functional in terms of construction
b. Value engineering – examining the materials and systems to determine the highest quality for the best cost
2. Design Phase: This takes into account division of work into its diverse components, e.g. electrical, plumbing, HVAC. This phase also includes bid packaging and what it entails.
3. Construction Phase: This is the coordinating of the actual work, and all this entails e.g. supervision, cost control system and its monitoring
4. Post-construction: Following up on the completion of the project

Construction Company

A construction company can remain a generalist, be a specialist or undertake the role of a CMC. The latter involves greater responsibility. It means accepting a role as the representative of the owner. In Wisconsin, this encompasses controlling every aspect of the construction project to deliver on time and within budget the specified results.

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