The Common Reasons Why People Fail To Save For Retirement

There are a number of exceptional resources and professionals in and around Greenville, SC to assist people of all ages in planning for their retirement. Matt Dixon is a Registered Financial Consultant who provides training and consultations. He has even written a book to help people in retirement planning.

Unfortunately, many individuals have mistaken beliefs about retirement planning. Working with Matt Dixon provides a personalized, custom approach to retirement that takes into consideration your current financial situation as well as your retirement goals and plans.

Some of the most common mistakes people make in retirement planning in the Greenville, SC area include:

  • Not having a plan – this is where the services of Matt Dixon are essential. Taking a detailed look at what you want to do in your retirement is essential to know how much to save when you can retire, and what types of investments or wealth-building strategies are the most effective.
  • Dipping into retirement savings – unfortunately, many people use their retirement savings, including 401(k)s and other types of investments, to deal with current financial issues. This can have significant tax and penalty implications in the short term as well as reduce your overall retirement fund.
  • Not making wise investments – every investment has some level of risk, with higher risks typically offering greater earning potential. It is important to understand how to adjust and lower investment risk the closer you get to retirement.

Meeting with a financial consultant is a private and confidential way to consider your retirement plan and create the fund you need to enjoy your future.

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