The California Lemon Law

Every state has its version of a Lemon Law; the law in California is complex with many nuances and variables. Most residents of the state will engage the services of a knowledgeable California Lemon Law attorney if they are faced with a car that spends more time in the shop than it does in the driveway.

How does the California Lemon Law work?

The California Lemon Law applies to individuals and businesses. If it is owned by an individual, the car must be primarily for personal or family use and must have been purchased from a business engaged in the sale of vehicles at retail locations. The law applies to business as well, as long as the company does not have more than five vehicles in its fleet weighing under 10,000 pounds, GVW. If the car has been purchased used, it also is covered as long as it is still covered by the new car warranty.

When is a car considered a Lemon?

In California, a car is presumed to be a lemon under the following circumstances:

  • A minimum of two attempts to repair a defect that has the potential of causing death or serious injury
  • The vehicle is covered by the law as long as it has less than 18,000 miles on the odometer or is less than 18 months old
  • The manufacturer or authorized representative has attempted to rectify the same warranty problem four times or more
  • The vehicle has been out of service for a total of 30 days or more due to issues covered by the warranty, and
  • The problems must not have been caused by vehicle abuse

Hiring an attorney:

If the car is classified as a lemon, the manufacturer must provide a replacement vehicle, which is substantially the same as the lemon, or refund the purchase price in full. If the manufacturer fails in their responsibilities, hire a California Lemon Law attorney.

If your car has problems covered by a warranty that cannot be rectified, you may wish to consider hiring a California Lemon Law attorney to guard your rights under the law. To find a seasoned Lemon Law attorney in California, visit the web site of Lemon Law America.

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