The Best way to get rid of your ancient car

Most of us have, at one point, owned a car. If we have owned a car, we have almost certainly dealt with the obnoxious task of fixing this car. It may be more than typical upkeep. For example, an oil change or tire replacement is par for the course. But sometimes you need a repair that is costly, and that costly repair ends up costing more than the value of the vehicle. It seems to be getting worse and worse. If your car is worth $1,000 and the repair will cost $2,000, it is time to call it a day and say goodbye.

This is extremely common. Transmissions blow up, ventilators erupt, and head gaskets explode, all causing some of the most severe vehicle damage possible outside of a car accident. At this point, your car is considered upside-down and it is officially labeled a junk car.

Fortunately for you, junk cars have value. Car shop owners consistently take in junk vehicles for cash. Minneapolis is a solid city with a high population, and car shop owners in the urban city or suburban outskirts get junk cars consistently, and will offer you cash for your vehicle. It is all about Cash for junk cars Minneapolis.

You do not need to go only to car shops. You can try a few of the below sources for trading your vehicle for cash:
1. Craigslist
2. A junk yard
3. Ebay/ The Internet
4. A Work Friend/ Independent Sale

With that said, a shop owner is probably the best place to bring it. It is safe, and you get a solid value for something that is worthless to you. The shop owner will often view your vehicle, and offer you a set cash for a junk car. What they may do, if they are kind, is to tell you what the problem with the vehicle is. If it takes only a modest repair to get the vehicle running, they will either offer to do the work, send you to someone who can, or offer you a higher price for the “junk” car. The natural next step is that the owner will fix it up themselves and sell it a higher value. This is commerce.

A junk car is a junk car. If you can’t sell it, you have to give it away. You can’t just roll it in the backyard and “get to it eventually.” A car shop owner should be able to pick the car up, offer you a solid value, and remove it from you. Consider it also convenience of getting rid of the nuisance of your broken down car, while getting a decent payday out of it as well. You can’t expect a lot, but you can expect a healthy sum to get you on your way.

At Jellison Auto, you obtain a fair trade for your junk car from a place you can rely. Visit or get in touch today for great prices on and Cash for junk cars Minneapolis.

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