The Best Methods To Find A Speaker In Chicago

You’ve probably already decided that your seminar or event requires something more, which is why you need to find a speaker in Chicago. You’ve got many speakers available, including motivational, inspirational, keynote, and others. The goal is to find someone that can relate to every audience member on a slightly personal level.


While you and your group probably haven’t heard the speech before, it’s important that you find a speaker in Chicago who mixes things up and talks about something new each time. If they just use the same speech over and over, it can sound canned or uninviting. Your purpose is to motivate or grab their attention, so you want someone passionate and intriguing.


While the speech itself is worth its weight in gold, speakers often neglect the humanity side of things. If you can see videos of their past performances, make sure to watch until the very end to see if they leave immediately or if they stay and mingle. If you can’t find this information online, ask them directly. You want someone to stay after and humanize themselves. The audience will likely put them on a pedestal, wanting to know more or just be near them. If they rush out, it shows that they don’t care about the audience, but just want a paycheck.

Are They Helpful?

While the bigger names are likely to draw attention, marketing is still essential. You should do your part, of course, but they should be willing to help. Most speakers like to have publicity through press releases and other media outlets (social media), but some don’t. Make sure yours is willing to promote themselves and you.


While it should be up to them what their content is, they should talk to you about your goals and any topics you want them to cover.

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