The Best Choice for Banking Hattiesburg MS

The best choice for Banking Hattiesburg MS isn’t a bank at all, it is Central Sunbelt FCU (Federal Credit Union). A credit union offers so many more services than a bank does and with lower fees. Member services include savings and checking accounts, IRA accounts, Loans or all kinds, insurance products, cloud services and credit union services. Credit unions offer shared branching nationwide which means that you have access to your accounts at over 6,000 ATMs free of charge at participating credit unions. Click here for more information.

That benefit is huge in that it can save members a lot of money over bank ATM fees that can range from $1.00-$5.00 per use. Think about how many times you used an ATM on your last vacation alone and you will realize how quickly those fees can add up.

The credit union makes Convenient Banking Hattiesburg MS with mobile access, free notary services and bill pay. Bill pay is a program you can sign up for that pays your bills out of your checking account automatically. You let them know how much money goes to whom on what day of the month and they do the rest. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to mail out that electric bill, late payment fees or disconnected utilities ever again. Other services include money management, credit report review, housing counseling and debt management. For these services, someone will review your current situation with you and help you develop a plan that will help you meet your financial goals. This is one-on-one, personalized service that can get you out of debt, help you begin saving for a home or get you on the way to improving your credit score.

In addition to all the extra services, the credit union is owed by its members. Your account(s) means that you are part owner of the credit union. People aren’t part owners of a bank when they open a bank account. Banking Hattiesburg MS is more convenient, provides you more services and costs less in fees when you join a credit union rather than opening an account in a bank. Visit  for more details.

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