The Basics Of AC Installation In Hudson County NJ

As a home or business owner, you hire professionals to complete new installations and repairs of all your systems, including your HVAC system. When you need to replace an old unit or are planning a new AC installation in Hudson County NJ, it is nice to have a general idea of what to expect.
When you hire a top company, you will have already met with a professional from the business to talk about your choice of AC unit and system. This is the most important first step in your AC installation in Hudson County NJ as it will ensure you have the right unit in to deliver the level of cooling you need in the home.

The Big Day
Most air conditioner companies work around the home or business owner’s schedule. They will arrive at the specific time and begin the in a very short period of time. If there is an existing system in place, this will be removed, and repairs made to the area where the air conditioner will be installed.

Then, and this depends on a new or replacement system, they may involve running new ductwork. If there is existing ducts in place, they will be checked for any problems and then prepared to connect to the new AC unit.

It will be important to correctly position the outdoor system with relation to the existing ductwork or the new installation. The position of the unit will have already been discussed with the home or business owner, and there should be no surprises or changes.

The interior ductwork will then be connected to the exterior unit. This will include several different steps to ensure all connections and electrical wiring is completed correctly and safely.

Inside the home a thermostat, or more likely in modern zone systems multiple thermostats, will be installed. This is also an important part of the installation as this will allow you to cool specific rooms based on your usage and needs.

Finally, the system will be charged with refrigerant and started. This starting process is different based on the specific manufacturer and system you have installed.

Finally to finish your installation, the technicians will complete a comprehensive check on the system. They will ensure it is operating correctly and the system is free from leaks or problems before they leave.

At First Choice Heating and Cooling, we take the time to talk to you about the process you can expect with your AC installation in Hudson County NJ.