The Advantages of Hidden Composite Deck Screws

When you put together a deck for your yard, it is important to use the right tools and fasteners to ensure the structure lasts longer. One of the most useful types of fasteners for putting together a deck is composite deck screws. These screws can be hidden below the surface, providing a number of advantages that make your deck longer lasting and better looking.

A Flat, Even Surface

No one wants to walk across a deck and trip over screws that are sitting above the surface of the wood. Even if they aren’t tall enough to trip you, it can be uncomfortable, especially if you are out on the deck in bare feet during the summer months. Hidden deck screws inset into the bottom side of the decking materials so you can’t tell they are there, even if you brush your hand along the surface. This gives your deck a flat, even surface you can enjoy, no matter what the activity or the weather.

A Secure Structure

A deck should be a secure structure that is built to last. If you use the wrong type of screws for your deck, it may not secure the boards tight to the framing structure underneath. This can lead to creaking and movement between the boards that don’t create a solid structure. Composite deck screws will hold the boards securely in place so you can enjoy your deck for much longer. A strong structure increases the longevity of your deck.

Prevent Movement with Flexibility

Depending on where you live, you may need your boards to be flexible to expand and contract with the changing weather. Some types of deck fasteners will hold the materials together so tightly they will prevent this movement. While you don’t want your boards to move around on the joists, it is important to be able to expand and contract as needed.

When you are constructing your deck, you need to use the right materials to get the job done right. Composite deck screws are one of the best fasteners you can use for this project for a number of reasons. You can enjoy a flat, even surface that is secure and held in place firmly for greater longevity of your deck. These fasteners will also allow for the needed expansion and contraction that comes with changing weather conditions, making it the smart choice for all areas.