Teeth whitening is a simple way to regain your smile

No matter how well you look after your teeth and gums, as time goes by your teeth will begin to stain. This is just natural; the stains come from food, beverages and tobacco if you are a smoker. People often think that it is the outer surface of the tooth, the enamel that is stained, it is not. The enamel is a clear or almost clear top surface on the tooth and actually it is porous. Under the enamel is the dentin of the tooth, this is the layer that gives the teeth their color and in the process of teeth whitening in Charleston WV it is the dentin which is bleached.

Before the cosmetic dentist will begin the teeth whitening process he will first clean them and inspect for compatibility. Not everyone’s teeth are good candidates for teeth whitening in Charleston, WV. If the dentin favors dark gray, it will be difficult to change, the dentist will look for dentin which is light yellow. Any teeth that have been caped or had a veneer applied are also not good candidates as the bleaching agent will have no impact on these treated teeth.

When teeth have had work done to them which uses white fillings and even those teeth which have had a root canal will not whiten well. When this type of cosmetic work is done, the color that the dentist selects is one which matches the adjacent teeth. If the teeth are now subjected to whitening, the teeth which have had a veneer for example may look out of place.

Having said all that, most people actually can have their teeth whitened and it is a rather simple process. The dentist applies a solution which turns into hydrogen peroxide when it comes into contact with water. This solution permeates the enamel and attacks the stains in the dentin.

Although there are products available that can be applied at home, they cannot compare with the whitening process that is done by the dentist. As the cosmetic dentist can accelerate the whitening process with light, tangible results can be seen very quickly. To get your perfect smile back may take a second treatment and follow-ups are required periodically.Teeth whitening in Charleston, WV will give you your beautiful smile back quicker and easier than you may think.

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