Taxi Service

There are many reasons why using a West Hollywood Taxi to get to places is a good idea. I especially prefer to take taxi cabs when I am vacationing and I just want to spend time by the hotel and not drive too far out. I would prefer a taxi cab to take me to the attractions that interest me and maybe some that the taxi driver would recommend. It’s not like the old days either where you needed to carry cash to be able to pay the cab driver now most credit and debit cards are accepted. A taxi cab can fit up to four passengers and a van up to six passengers. Taxi cabs are equipped with gps tracking systems and the cab drivers are experienced in driving in the area and will know the best route. You can probably get in on a special rate by printing out a coupon. You can look on line and look up the rates that you can expect to pay so that you will be informed on what you will be paying before you head out. You pay a flat rate whether it is only one passenger or four. There is a twenty four hour dispatch center at Cab West Hollywood.

They pride themselves by being able to have a car by your front door in fifteen minutes. They have a dispatch center that is in constant communication with the drivers, so if you forgot something in your cab there is a number that you can call and verify if it is still in the back of the cab. Taking a cab is so much more convenient these days. For example many times we rent a car for our vacation and spend s few days using the amenities of the resort or hotel so the car that we are paying for just stays in the garage. Other times it is best to use a cab if you want to have a few drinks and you know you shouldn’t drive. So it is great to have a designated driver. Just let the dispatcher know what you need, whether you have a wheelchair or special need or preference and they will do their best to accommodate you.

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