Taxi Etiquette for Traveling in Hawthorne

After a late night of partying, we all like the city convenience of being able to hop in a cab and get home without a hitch. From taxis in San Pedro to Taxi Hawthorne, it can be easy to find a ride when you need one in the South Bay area. Before hailing that taxi, do keep in mind a few etiquette tips to make the journey more pleasant for all those involved.

It’s not a clown car: just because you


fit yourself and five friends into the backseat doesn’t mean you


. Or, more accurately, it doesn’t even mean that you’re allowed. There are legal restrictions for how many people can ride in a cab (you can’t have more people than seatbelts), so save yourself the embarrassment and keep it to three or less.

Be polite: if you will be hailing a Yellow Cab Hawthorne, show some courtesy to others who are also hoping to find a way home. If you urgently need the taxi first, ask politely if those who are waiting near you mind. If they do, then back down graciously.

The cab is the driver’s office: this means, if he wants to listen to a radio station you hate, tough cookies. Additionally, if you think the music is too loud, you can ask politely for the driver to turn it down, but he is not obligated to do so. The taxi is his space, not yours.

Do your research: if you know you’ll need a taxi but aren’t sure you’ll be able to get one where you are, look up the information ahead of time and write it down or save it on your phone. For example, you could look up Taxi Hawthorne to find United Checker Cab, and record all the information so you have a safe way home after that wild night. This way, you won’t get your friends stuck waiting for a cab that just isn’t coming.

Tip: unless the driver was abhorrent or the ride put your life in danger, you should tip (typically 10-20%). It’s not a glamorous job -; how would you like it? -; so a little tip goes a long way.

There are plenty of reputable companies when searching for a Taxi Hawthorne. Treat them and their drivers with respect by following some rules of common courtesy!