Taking Legal Action with a Personal Injury Law in Huntsville AL Lawyer

If you have been involved in any type of accident that caused you serious injuries, you will want to rely on the expertise offered by a personal injury law in Huntsville AL lawyer. This will allow you to begin the process of civil litigation to work to recover your losses.

Filing the Lawsuit

The plaintiff is solely responsible for taking the legal action against the defendant and should work to identify the specific charges which must be filed. The plaintiff should meet with the attorney and discuss the case thoroughly in order to file the lawsuit.

The attorney will review the allegations and charges made against the defending party and will determine the strength of the case. It is important to have a strong case, to win the lawsuit.

The Defendant

The job of the defendant is to reply to the lawsuit and address these charges head on. This will allow the defendant to respond to each allegation individually in an attempt to defend his or her case.

The response must be provided within 30 days to avoid more legal issues to result.

The Discovery Stage

The best time to prove your case is during the discovery stage of the lawsuit. This will allow you to provide any type of written documentation you may have to assist in proving or winning your case. Your personal injury law in Huntsville AL lawyer can assist you with this stage.

There are four parts to the discovery process and these are:

1. Written interrogatories

2. Deposition

3. Requests for admissions

4. Requests for production documents

There are many cases that are won based on the information provided during the discovery process. This will allow for all of the details of the accident to be revealed.
The Mediation

The court system is busy and prefers simple disputes to settle outside of the courtroom. This is why mediation is mandatory for the plaintiff and the defendant to attend to work to settle the case outside of court.

The mediation is a chance for any case to be settled with the assistance of the mediator and your attorney.

Finally, it is ideal to settle the case to avoid going to court, but if the case is not settled it will be tried in a court of law. Consider relying on a Long, Flanagan and McDonald, LLC for legal assistance.

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