Take Time To Laugh With Improv Comedy In Lakeview

Going out for the evening together and having a good time should be something that is out of the ordinary. That means the routine of seeing a movie at the local cinema or merely going out for a pizza will simply not do. Taking some time to not only get out of your boring routine but enjoy yourself with laughter can be just what the doctor ordered. Improv Comedy in Lakeview certainly fits the bill and there can be no better place to visit than ComedySportz Chicago. Here going out for the evening joins the time honored “sport” of improvisational comedy. Improv Comedy in Lakeview has been making its audiences laugh out loud time and time again. If you haven’t already heard about this comedy troupe from family, friends and co-workers,

Sport joins comedy as members of the audience participate with their own words and suggestions. A “referee” makes sure the proceedings take the proper turn and that the comedy team members play fair; just like in the big leagues. This unique form of humor has been delighting the public and can be just the form of entertainment for groups of all kinds. Comedy Sportz encourages groups with group rates and special events. Companies, high schools and families can take an entirely different approach to a night out with hilarious results.

In addition to their nightly performances, the Comedy Sportz troupe can teach you the art of improvisational comedy. While you may have never considered it, these lessons can find a funny bone that you may have never known existed. Classes are scheduled for adults and there is also a program for high schools students who want to learn the comedy ropes as well.

Their website lets visitors get a full idea of how the Comedy Sportz game is played onstage so that they can understand the game before the show ever begins. Special shows and events are always posted so that you never have to miss a chance to “LOL” or laugh out loud in the Windy City again. Click Here to check out their website.

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