Suppliers of Wholesale Tortillas in New Jersey Respond to Soaring Consumer Demand

The tortilla is one of the most ancient human-made foods crafted from several ingredients. Explorers have discovered evidence of tortillas dating back some 12,000 years. These early tortillas were made from corn meal and appear to have originated with the Aztec people. Corn was a primary component in their diet. It was easy to grow in the Mexican soil and climate and provided valuable nutrients. Of course, individuals in those historical times were not able to produce such large numbers of these corn and wheat wraps. Now, stores and dining establishments can buy wholesale tortillas in New Jersey in bulk so they always have plenty to satisfy their customers.

Wholesale Tortillas in New Jersey are a form of unleavened bread, meaning they do not contain yeast. For centuries, the wraps were associated only with Latin-related cuisine, primarily with Mexican meals. Within recent years, tortillas have caught on for a multitude of uses in place of bread and even in place of bowls. They can be filled with a moderate amount of fillings such as meat, cheese, and veggies and picked up like a sandwich. They also can be stuffed to an abundant degree, requiring the person to use utensils to avoid spilling ingredients. People are using them in place of hot dog buns and as the base for pizza toppings. The tortilla has become a North American staple food.

It’s intriguing to historians and to Mexican cuisine chefs alike that this incredibly old food form has soared in popularity just in the past couple of decades. Food producers responded to consumer demand for lower-calorie, low-fat options that could effectively replace bread. Consumers buy nearly as many packages of tortillas now as they do packages of bread, and they buy more tortillas than bagels and pita bread. A huge variety of flavors are available, such as spinach and sun-dried tomato, but people still seem to prefer the traditional versions available from a supplier such as Best Mexican Foods. Anyone who is interested in buying tortillas in large numbers at affordable bulk-rate prices may click here to learn more about this particular company.