Sump Pump Choices Can Be Made Easier By The Sump Pump Replacement in Dayton, OH

Sump pumps are a necessity in many places because they do a very effective job of keeping water out of the basement when otherwise the basement would flood. The back-up sump pumps are necessary to protect the area when the primary sump pump fails.

The best plan is to replace your sump pump before it fails, and if it is 10 years old it is running on borrowed time. However, replacing a sump pump is easy if you replace it with a similar model. This is a good plan if the existing pump performed well.

However, the best pumps are the those made of cast iron because they are heavy duty and completely sealed. When they are pumping for a long period of time the water acts as a cooling factor prolonging the pump life. A quality submersible pump will generally outlast the pedestal pump which is usually made of plastic.

The standard sump pump is a 1/3 horsepower motor. This motor can pump 1,880 to 2,200 gallons an hour which is a significant amount of water. If your pump will have to pump water up 10 feet or more to get it outside, then you will need a 1/2 horsepower motor which can pump 3,000 gallons an hour.

You may need a backup sump pump which has a rechargeable backup battery that kicks in and moves the water out. Some homes have a second sump pump which kicks in when the first battery is drained. Sump pump replacement in Dayton OH is a good source of advice when you are considering which system to install. There are many primary and back-up sump pumps to choose from.

A plumber is the best choice for the installation of the sump pump because other parts may be worn and need replacing. For example, the pit liner, electric wiring, discharge pipes, and any mounting parts which may be worn or rusted. The discharge pipe should run 10 feet away from the house so the water empties far enough away from the foundation.

A sump pump and the back-up should be replaced before the next storm. Otherwise, all of the years you have had the pump may be wasted if one big storm destroys your basement which is what you had hoped to prevent.

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