Successfully Reduce Debt with Help of Consumer Credit Counseling in Houston

by | Jan 31, 2012 | Finance & Insurance

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Many people included reducing debt in their New Year’s resolutions for 2012, but without the help of consumer credit counseling, most Houston residents will only have vague ideas about how they can make it happen. Reducing debt, like losing weight, often requires the help of a “trainer,” a professional who understands what is required to reach a goal and offers counseling, advice, and inspiration.

A National Foundation for Credit Counseling survey taken in December 2011 indicates that 62% of those asked selected “decreasing debt” as their top focus for 2012. However, among those surveyed, only 6% said that decreasing dependence on credit cards was their number one goal. The report illustrates that just like the dieter who resolves to lose weight, but who still wants to have dessert, the American consumer has a love-hate relationship with credit cards.

One the one hand, explains the director of a financial counseling service, credit can be a good thing because it opens up opportunities and can help to build a good credit score. He does caution, however, that credit card debt can harm a credit rating, in addition to causing financial instability, as well as personal grief.

Continuing the dieting metaphor, this director explains that although most Americans understand that a healthy weight contributes to overall health, they still fall into sedentary and overindulging habits. In a similar fashion, most credit card users understand that it is prudent to pay off credit card bills at the end of the month and many make firm resolutions to do so. However, many get to the end of the month and make only the minimum payment required.

Many consumer credit counseling companies in Houston and throughout the nation make their clients cut up all credit cards as a bold first step akin to cutting out carbs or desserts in a diet. It does produce results, but it cannot instantly repair bad credit. To help jump start the “weight loss” of debt while at the same time tending to a poor credit rating, it is best to consult with a credit counseling company that will dispute your credit rating while, at the same time, educating you and your family on how to reduce and stay out of debt.

If you and your family want to cut a few pounds of debt and are finding it difficult to do so on your own, you will benefit from the help and guidance of a professional trainer. Contact a consumer credit counseling company in Houston today so that you can look forward to debt-free tomorrows with a great credit rating.

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