Stay Comfortable All Year With Expert Heating And Air Conditioning in Milwaukee WI

Some of the most important appliances in your home are those that heat and cool your living space. Part of the reason that this is important is because modern homes and many remodeled ones are extremely energy efficient. This high efficiency restricts the airflow in the building and requires a fairly constant source of moving air to keep the indoor air fresh. Surprisingly, this extra circulation doesn’t decrease the efficiency of the system because the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is always cycling on and off.

One of the best ways to protect your Heating And Air Conditioning in Milwaukee WI is through regular maintenance. At least once a year you need to have the system serviced by a specialist. This service should include cleaning the internals, testing the circuitry and verifying the overall function of the unit. One of the most important tests that they can run is checking the charge of the refrigerant. A low refrigerant level can make the condenser work harder than necessary which reduces its overall service life. Replacing the condenser is an expensive job, partly because the parts are rather pricey.

You may opt to have the service performed in the early fall before you use the furnace. In this case, you can have both facets of the unit checked at one time. However, it is generally better to have the furnace checked at this time and have the AC checked before the summer heatwave. This way, you know the system is ready to handle the heavy task of cooling your home for the summer. Part of this service may include cleaning the evaporator coil. This coil is often installed in an odd angle that makes it hard to clean it completely. To thoroughly clean the coil, the technician may need to remove it from the system and wash it in an acid bath.

No amount of maintenance and repair will keep your HVAC operating forever. When your system fails, you will need to consider replacing it. At this point, you have two options, a new HVAC or an alternative. One option for cooling the home is a split or ductless AC. Combine that with a radiant heating system and you could have better control of your utility usage. If your are thinking about new Heating And Air Conditioning in Milwaukee WI then you may want to visit the website at You can also check their Facebook fanpage.

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