Starting A Claim For A Dog Attack With A Personal Injury Attorney In South Windsor, CT

In Connecticut, dog attacks are caused by a high number of probabilities. The state doesn’t follow the one-bite ruling where the owner isn’t liable for injuries if the victim was aware that the dog would bite them and continued in their course of action. Victims who are guilty of trespassing or animal cruelty aren’t eligible for compensation as these are criminal offenses. A Personal Injury Attorney in South Windsor, CT helps victims who have legitimate claims against the pet owner.

Locating and Reporting the Dog

The victim reports the attack to their medical doctor when acquiring treatment. All healthcare professionals are required by law to report animal attacks even when domestic pets are involved. The county animal control officer is notified.

What Does the Animal Control Officer Do?

The animal control officer investigates the dog attack and determines if the dog remains a risk to the public. He or she visits the pet owner’s home and evaluates the scene of the accident after reviewing details from the attack report. The pet owner is notified of the attack and must provide information about the pet’s vaccination records and any previous attacks.

When and Why are Quarantines Necessary?

Any dog that wasn’t vaccinated for the rabies virus is surrendered to a licensed veterinarian for a period of 12 days. This is the incubation period for the rabies virus, and the vet reviews any possible signs of the virus or aggressive behavior patterns. All findings are reported to the animal control officer, and the officer makes a final decision about the animal. The pet owner incurs fines, all charges for vaccinations, and the full cost of the quarantine.

Strict Liabilities and Monetary Awards

Strict liabilities apply when the dog was involved in previous attacks. More profound liabilities apply when the pet owner had previous knowledge of an aggressive or violent temperament and failed to protect others from the dog. If proven, the pet owner must provide additional tort-based awards to the victim if the victim wins their case.

In Connecticut, pet owners are liable if their dog attacks a human. The owners are at a more profound liability if the dog had a history of attacks or if the animal contracted the rabies virus. Victims who need legal assistance contact a Personal Injury Attorney in South Windsor, CT through Kahan Kerensky and Capossela LLP or visit Facebook now.

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