Some Thoughts About CD Duplication And Packaging

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Computer & Internet

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A good place to start on this would be to ask another couple of questions. Who would require CD duplication and packaging and why would they require it?

The Compact Disc (CD) Is Not Obsolete (Yet)

However, compared to DVD’s and other storage media for computer files; it may first appear that the CD should be obsolete. No matter what the data is (music, movies, text, photographs, etc) much more “media” can be stored on a DVD and, when you get into the area of flash drives; storage may not be infinite but it is already greater than most people’s needs.

To many of us, a CD is nothing more than the current equivalent of the long playing record. It takes up less space on our shelves, is eminently portable and, generally speaking, plays back music at a better quality than the old-fashioned records did. Music sales in CD format have been declining (in favor of downloadable mp3 files) but the compact disc remains the main vehicle for music purchases. Therefore, it follows that the music industry would be the main users of the CD duplication and packaging techniques.

Smaller Scale Use Of CD’s

Maybe you are an aspiring musician wishing to demonstrate your abilities to club owners, your circle of friends or record producers. You have prepared what used to be called a “demo tape” that runs for (say) 20 minutes and you now need around 200 copies of it. To put it out in DVD form seems a little bit of overkill; so you decide to use compact discs.

You are reasonably computer savvy but realize how time consuming it would be to burn all 200 discs yourself. Plus; you want the CD’s to have not only great sound quality; but, also to have an eye catching presentation. You do not have the resources of a major record label behind you; but you do have the sense to see that what you need are the services of a company that specializes in high quality CD duplication and packaging. You need a company that can; not only make each disc identical and flawless; but, can also deal with labeling the disc and print the inserts for the jewel case that they will provide.

Dataworks Inc in midtown Manhattan are too happy to assist in any CD project and will perform Cd Duplication And Packaging to the very highest of standards.

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