Some of the Problems that Zoning Can Solve with Cooling Your Home

The air conditioning units are designed to cool a certain amount of area. While they are designed for this air movement, there are some problems that can result if the air conditioner is forced to feed the entire home. Having a zoned system can solve some of these different types of problems.

One of the Problems Zoning Can Solve is increasing the energy efficiency of the air conditioning unit. Since energy is wasted in unoccupied rooms, the zoning allows for rooms that are mostly occupied to maintain a certain temperature. Unoccupied rooms can be shut off so that the air conditioning is not cooling these rooms. This also helps to decrease the load on the air conditioning unit so that it works less and requires less energy for operation.

Another problem that can be resolved is maintaining a temperature in different room configurations. Not all rooms are composed of the same shape, size or amount of windows. All of these things can affect how the temperature in the room is maintained. By creating separate zones for large rooms with windows and for smaller rooms, the controls can be set to accommodate for the challenge of maintaining that particular temperature. Thus, you don’t get the drastic temperature changes that can happen when you move from one room to another.

Some rooms have additional issues with temperature control. Often, this is because of their location in regards to the rest of the household. Additions, separate garages or conversion rooms can place an additional load on the air conditioning. This is because you have added onto the amount of square footage that is placed on the air conditioning unit. If it exceeds the original load, it can make it harder for the air conditioner to keep up with the demanded temperature change. This is another of the Problems Zoning Can Solve.

Your home’s configuration may benefit from employing zones. Unoccupied spaces, the different room configurations and the addition of square footage place on the air conditioning unit can render it less effective at maintaining temperature control. Schedule a service appointment here if you want to establish different zones in your home.

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