Some Information About Wedding Receptions Fort Wayne IN

One of the main reason for choosing a wedding reception coordinator in the Fort Wayne area is that they will be able to give you all of your venue options in an easy to understand way. There are dozens of unique and beautiful options for reception venues in Fort Wayne, including the Memorial Coliseum, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, the KRUSE Military Museum, the Botanical Gardens and much more. Websites like Classic Cafe, found online at, have complete venue listings with the maximum capacity of guests for each venue included. All venues listed on the site are already working with the company, or have worked with them in the past, to allow for the caterers to enter, set up, and clean up the venue after the wedding reception.

Planning Wedding Receptions in Fort Wayne can certainly be a big job, and that is true even if you begin your planning many months in advance. If you try to do everything yourself it can undoubtedly get overwhelming, but most people planning wedding receptions today find that seeking help from an experienced wedding reception coordinator is the best way to go.

Naturally, the menu for Wedding Receptions Fort Wayne IN is one of the most essential components of your big day. Menus are available in virtually all types of cuisine, and you can get anything from the most basic comfort foods to the ultra elegant haute cuisine for your wedding reception. In general, the best wedding reception services providers will give you a cost per person. The cost should include everything for that guest’s food. This includes the food, the labor, assembling the reception, cleaning up after the reception, chafing dishes for buffet style receptions, silverware, glasses, plates, coffee services, and waitstaff if the reception has sit down services.

The cost per person makes it much easier to plan the reception in terms of cost. You can discuss and particular advantages or disadvantages of holding the reception at any given venue with your wedding reception services providers. If full catering is not possible at a certain location, for example, they will let you know about this and help you plan according to your needs.

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