Situations That Call for Tooth Crowns in Fairfield County CT

A visit to the dentist may reveal the need to think about getting a couple of Tooth Crowns Fairfield County CT. Crowns are often recommended when certain types of dental issues are present. Here are some examples of situations that would prompt the dentist to recommend this particular solution.

Covering a Large Filling

The patient went without dental insurance for several years. During that time, a back tooth was almost consumed with decay. Fortunately, there was enough left to make it worth salvaging the tooth. Once the permanent filling is in place, the dentist is likely to recommend the addition of a crown. That’s because tooth crowns in Fairfield County CT help to provide more protection when larger fillings are in place. Adding the crown helps to take some of the stress off the shell of the tooth and also prevents damage to the filling.

Dealing with a Cracked Tooth

While enjoying a piece of pie, the patient, unfortunately, discovered a hard piece of a walnut shell the hard way. In other words, the shell was found by biting into a piece of the pie. That led to cracking a couple of teeth. Along with using methods to bond the tooth, the dentist is likely to suggest adding a crown. As with a filling, the crown helps to ease the pressure on the tooth and prevent the crack from expanding.

Crowns for Broken Teeth

Chipping a tooth can cause a lot of pain. Along with the discomfort, there is the less than attractive appearance of the damaged tooth. With the aid of a crown, it is possible to fill in the gap and make the tooth look whole. Since crowns are made of material that can be tinted to match the hue of the teeth, no one will ever know the difference.

There are other dental situations that call for the use of crowns. For anyone wondering what a crown would do for them, and read over the material carefully. Make an appointment with Elke Cheung Dentistry and see what combination of treatments would remedy the situation. There is a good chance that adding a crown would strengthen the weakened tooth and make it possible to keep it for several more years.

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