Signs Your Sewer Line that is in Service Needs Repair in West Des Moines, IA

Sewer line breaks are one of the worst issues that can happen with plumbing. There are many issues that can affect the sewer piping. Because it runs from the drains to the outside septic tank, it is vulnerable to the outside elements. These are some of the potential signs that your sewer line will need repair.

One of the signs that you will need a Sewer Line Repair in Service West Des Moines IA is the smell of sewage around the home or in the yard. Since sewage can release gases, you may smell the leak before you can see it. In the house, the smell can be especially strong if the leakage is near the central drainage piping. Not all leaks will release a smell. But if you catch a whiff of the smell of sewer, you need to get your piping checked out.

Another sign is a perpetually wet spot in the yard. If it hasn’t rained in awhile and there is no other obvious reason for a wet spot, it is likely that you have a leakage. The leaking sewer contains waste water that can saturate the area around the leak. Since most sewer lines run underground, you may not know exactly where the lines are buried. Thus, you should have your sewer line checked out to make sure that this isn’t the cause.

If you have cast iron piping in your drainage system, then you will need to get a Sewer Line Repair in Service West Des Moines IA. Cast iron piping was a common material used for the sewer in older homes. Over time, this material degrades and disintegrates. It also very susceptible to the intrusion of tree roots and plants. You won’t know exactly where the leaks are occurring until a camera is run down the system.

These are the signs that your sewer line is indicating it is in trouble. Since the entire system should be enclosed from the time it leaves your home, any potential signs that you have a leak need to be investigated. For more information on sewer line replacement, check out

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