Signs that You Need Toledo OH Boiler Repair

When it comes to your boiler, it is essential that you understand the tell-tale signs of whether or not in needs repair or service. If you ignore the signs, you may be spending your extra holiday cash on purchasing a new unit. Some signs to look out for are highlighted here.


It is crucial to know how old your boiler system is in order to provide the proper type of maintenance. There is no question that over time the unit can suffer from wear and tear. Just like cars with high mileage, regular maintenance is essential for older units. When your Toledo OH Boiler proper maintenance over time will ensure that it lasts a lifetime; however, as a general rule of thumb, it is essential that boilers are replaced each twenty years.

A Metallic Type of Odor

If you notice a strong type of metallic smell being emitted from the boiler, it should be inspected by boiler repair immediately. The smell could be the sign of an oil or gas leak, or due to carbon monoxide, which is a tasteless, colorless gas that can be extremely harmful.

Malfunction of the Boiler

If your Toledo OH Boiler is not producing an adequate amount of heat, or any at all, you may have an issue, such as overheating present. This is usually the result of sludge deposits that are present on the bottom of the unit, which makes it essential that you seek boiler repair.

Water Leaking

If you notice water leaking on the outside of the unit it is essential that you receive boiler repair. If the water is allowed to gather and then stand near the unit, it will guzzle more fuel than normal, costing you much more in the long run.

Strange Noises

If there are unusual sounds being emitted from the boiler, this may be the result of iron deposits creating an unequal water distribution in the unit. This can also cause the unit to fail or overheat.

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