Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning in San Diego

Your drainage system is meant to efficiently transport waste water from your home to underground sewer. If you notice that the system is not as efficient as it is supposed to be, then there might be a blockage. If this is not solved with immediate effect, it causes an unhygienic condition. Drain cleaning in San Diego offers you the best services in the proper maintenance of the drainage system. Below are some of the signs of problems in your drainage and their causes.

Unfamiliar sounds

One of the most common sign of a clogged sewer is that you will hear some gurgling sounds from your toilet or sink whenever you try to drain water. You will also notice that the water will first come up then drain slowly producing the sounds. This is a definite proof that there is a clog in your system. If it’s just the toilet or sink drainage that is affected, you will notice the signs only in particular taps, water inlets and outlets. However, when the main sewer is clogged, all the drainage systems in your home will be affected.

Servicing the system often

Last week you noticed that your drainage has a problem and with some help, your system was better. But then, this week the problem seems to have cropped up again. If this problem occurs repeatedly, it means that your drainage needs professional check up. The person you called might have just pushed a clog down the line further just to make your drainage efficient for a few days. Professionals normally use a cable, known as a drain auger or a snake, which they run down the drain to unclog it fully. If this method does not work they do a camera inspection to establish the problem. This offers a lasting solution.


Use of other materials other than the right toilet paper causes blockage. This is because they are not as soft and thus will clog the system. Also if the sewer line is old and with time trees grew, their roots can block the drainage. Lack of regular cleanouts especially in public toilets is also a major cause.


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