Signs it is Time for Overhead Door in Newton MA Repairs

The majority of people use their garage doors on a daily basis. However, most people don’t take the time to inspect the performance and condition of their Overhead Door in Newton MA. In fact, many people only focus their attention on this huge moving object when there is something wrong. The fact is, if a person were to perform monthly inspections, they can easily determine if the door is functioning properly and safely. Don’t wait for these serious issues. Get to know the signs of a problem so that action can be taken before the situation gets worse.

The Door Doesn’t Close or Open

This is the most obvious sign of a problem with an Overhead Door in Newton MA. If the door no longer opens and closes with ease, then it is definitely time to call for an inspection. There are several reasons this issue may occur including sensors that are misaligned and faulty wiring. It’s best to call the pros so they can determine and fix the underlying issue. This will ensure that no serious damages or even injuries occur.

Slower Than Normal Response Time

It’s important to watch to see how long it takes for a garage door to respond to the commands it is given. In most cases, the door should begin to open or close within a few seconds after the opener has been pressed. It should then open and close without any hitching or other delays. If these issues are observed while the door is in motion, then it could indicate there is a problem with the door.

It Makes a lot of Noise

If a garage door is extremely noisy, it could be due to worn out rollers, the actual garage door opener or even loose hardware. There are a few ways to fix these issues so make sure to get an inspection before the problem gets worse.

When it comes to the proper operation of a garage door, it’s a good idea to get an inspection to ensure that no serious issues are present. More information about these services can be found by visiting the website. Find us on Facebook!

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