Should You Consider New Yard Trailers for Your Boat Business?

If you run a marina or boat repair business, you may have the need for storage and moving vessels about. In some cases, dollies can do the job, but if your business is growing and you take care of large boats, you should have dependable and efficient yard trailers for your business. Here is a look at some of the options you have, to help simplify your decision.


Towable yard trailers make the process of moving vessels, easier and more convenient. When you check out the selections, make sure to choose equipment which can haul the largest vessel you handle. You also may want to consider other options. For example, if you need to launch vessels from the trailer, it is important to have one with submersible features.

The good thing about towable units is, they can handle local road duties too. If you need to pick up vessels nearby, you have a dual-purpose trailer. The top models feature simple one-man operation. This saves a lot of time, trouble, and manpower.


If you move a lot of vessels each day, you should check out some of the best self-propelled yard trailers. When you use these trailers, you have no need for a towing vehicle. Self-propelled units are perfect for marinas and yards with limited space. You can easily maneuver your vessels into the tightest areas. Visibility is greatly improved for the operator. You can choose options like four-wheel drive, two-speed transmissions, industrial rated diesel engines, and submersible features.

Choosing the Right Source

When you need a source for your trailers, consider a trusted manufacturer. They can build you a trailer customized for your business needs. Also, dealing directly with the manufacturer saves you time and money because there is no “middleman.”

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