Should You Buy Cheap Kitchen Cabinets?

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Kitchen & Bath

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Saving money always makes some sort of sense; but, if buying Cheap Kitchen Cabinets, there could be real wisdom in the phrase that – “it might be cheaper in the long run to do something else”. Consider some of the dictionary definitions of the word “cheap”:-

  • “Made on the cheap”; meaning made at minimum expense.
  • Cheap as in “of low quality and not worth much money”.
  • Cheap meaning “produced without much effort”.
  • Cheap can also mean contemptible because of “lack of any redeeming properties”
  • Stingy is another way of saying “cheap”.

Do any of the above examples make you want to rush out and buy Cheap Kitchen Cabinets for your home?

However, there are some possible favourable interpretations of “cheap”; it can still be used to describe something that does not cost a lot of money and can, therefore, be considered a “bargain”. If you are in the market for kitchen cabinets, you will have to decide how a supplier describing his cabinets as cheap is actually using that word. Remember that, if the Cheap Kitchen Cabinets are half the price of the nearest competition but only provide a third of the lifetime; which one would be the better bargain?

Getting Bargain Kitchen Cabinets Without Sacrificing Quality

A very useful cost saver on kitchen cabinets is to buy them in kit form. Sometimes this is known as” knock-down” furniture (although “build-up” would seem a more suitable description) or RTA (Ready To Assemble) furniture. Kitchen cabinets sold this way can still use top quality raw materials, finishes and fittings but you save money by doing the final assembly for yourself. The production of RTA cabinets can also provide economies of scale from mass production, automated manufacture – especially when compared to cabinets that have been individually hand made by a cabinet maker.

The best RTA kits use high quality natural wood that has been treated for protection from both weathering and insect infestation and then given a proper “finish” (i.e. coloring or staining); door hinges, drawer slides, knobs, etc will all be of highest quality and comprehensive instructions will be provided so you will make no mistakes with the final assembly. If your new, Cheap Kitchen Cabinets meet such criteria; then, you should save money both short term and in the long run.



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