Shielding Exposed Surfaces With Gum Grafts In Chino

by | Feb 28, 2012 | Health Care

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If you have a worry about your teeth or gums, you may be looking into getting some gum grafts in Chino. Gum grafts in Chino are a procedure performed by experienced periodontists, as a way of preventing any further gum recession. If you are dealing with gum recession, cavities, infections, bone loss or aesthetic problems, your best option would be to learn more about this procedure. When you gain some knowledge surrounding gum grafts in Chino, you can rest assured that you are aware of every aspect that is covered, including recovering after surgery.

What Exactly Are Gum Grafts In Chino?

Gum grafts in Chino are aimed at improving the appearance of teeth and gums, as well as preventing any further bone loss. To begin with, the dentist will reposition some connective muscles from your gum. Following this, some gum tissue will be removed from the mouth and grafted into the area where it is required. The tissue will form a brand new layer of gum in a short space of time once you have gum grafts in Chino. During surgery, you should have access to painkillers so that gum grafts in Chino are not painful for you.

Recovering From The Process Of Gum Grafts In Chino

The recovery process of any surgery can be frightening, but with gum grafts in Chino, you simply need to be careful with your teeth and gums, as you should be anyway. This procedure is straightforward and once you experience it, you will no longer suffer from mouth problems. You may notice some slight gum swelling for a number of weeks following gum grafts in Chino, but this will reside as time progresses. Depending on how thick the graft was, the swelling times may differ. After an average of one to two months the gums inside the mouth will return to their normal state, but will appear more improved than before the surgery of gum grafts in Chino.

Risks Of Gum Grafts In Chino

As with any kind of procedure, there will be some risks attached to gum grafts in Chino. Despite this, there are no serious things to really worry about. Rarely, severe swelling will occur but full monitoring from the specific dentist will ensure this is taken care of. Another possible risk of gum grafts in Chino will be loose tissue on the roof of the mouth and possible infections. By having a good consultation with the person performing gum grafts in Chino prior to the surgery taking place, you can prepare and make certain you have a good level of assistance to care for you, should any difficulties arise.

In most cases, gum grafts Chino are hugely successful with no complications whatsoever. To improve the bone loss in your mouth, get Dr. Mardirossian to perform your surgery by visiting

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