Senior Care in Sebastian, FL Gives Seniors Help To Remain In Their Homes

As people get older, more than anything else, they want to remain in their homes. No matter how luxurious a nursing home may be (and for most, the luxury doesn’t extend far past the lobby), a nursing home is not home. To remain at home, they need help. Perhaps there is a family member who assists them, but needs time off. Other seniors may require nursing care either full-time or for a few hours a week.

There are many levels of Senior Care in Sebastian, FL. Many seniors find a combination of services is needed, such as help with dressing and bathing in addition to nursing care. Each person’s circumstances are unique.

Personal Care Services

Many of the challenges seniors experience result from a combination of health issues and occasional memory problems. For many older people, this is compounded by inadequate nutrition. Making a meal becomes too much work, especially for those with little appetite. Medications are not taken when scheduled, leading to a decline in health. Grocery shopping and doctor’s appointments become very difficult. Bathing alone is dangerous, risking a fall. Exercise is very important, but many elderly people are unlikely to get sufficient exercise without someone to assist and motivate them.

Skilled Care

Skilled care is the next level of care, when assistance is needed with more serious medical issues. Registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) provide care to heart patients, diabetics, those with respiratory problems (such as COPD), wound care, and other medical problems. They also ensure that their client is receiving proper nutrition, taking into account special dietary considerations. Post-operative care is also available when needed.

Specialized Care Services

Elders with serious medical issues are able to remain at home only if they receive care tailored to their needs. Those with dementia or an illness such as Parkinson’s or multiple sclerosis require a high level of skilled care. People recovering from strokes need assistance in many ways. Hospice care allows the very ill to spend their final days at home, as they wish it.

They provide all levels of Senior Care in Sebastian, FL. Help is provided either by the hour or live-in. To know more, please visit the website.

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