Seeing a Foot Specialist in Jacksonville, FL for Bunion Treatment

Bunions, medically known as ‘hallux valgus’, is a foot condition that causes a common bone deformation at the outer edge of the foot. This deformation generates severe discomfort and hinders the patient from performing normal daily tasks. This condition occurs more frequently in women as one of the common causes that favor it is the continued use of narrow shoes and high heels. Although its diagnosis is quite simple, the following article will explain the main symptoms of bunions and help you detect its presence from the start. You can also seek care from your local Foot Specialist for Bunion Treatment in Jacksonville, FL.

Bunions appear due to an alteration of the balance of forces usually exerted on the foot joint, which can cause instability and result in deformation over time. That is why bunions are often caused by genetic factors related to the inherited foot type, by the continued use of tight shoes, among others. It is worth noting that bunions are a progressive disease and got its start in the big toe, which progresses with the passage of time and changes the normal angle of the bones. This eventually causes the bony protrusion at the base of the big toe, something of which is the main indication of the presence of a bunion.

In addition to the appearance of a bone spur, bunions are accompanied by other symptoms such as:

  • Red and calloused skin on the side of the big toe.
  • Aches, pains and swelling in the joint.
  • The limited mobility of the affected finger.
  • Burning and sometimes numbness.
  • Rotation of the big toe, which can potentially cause it to mount on top of the second toe and lead to the emergence of corns and other irritations.

At the slightest sign of pain or discomfort in the foot or identification of some deformity, it is essential to visit a Foot Specialist in Jacksonville, FL immediately. These professionals will initiate appropriate treatment, and you hopefully avoid having to undergo surgery. Normally, the indicated treatments for bunions are to help relieve pressure by using wide shoes, pillows and night correctors. In addition, your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling and discomfort. Contact First Coast Foot Clinic to learn more.

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